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Anglican Church in North America

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Rotate each day through the three provided conclusions, or always use the same one from the classic prayer books.

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The traditional "O" Antiphons are used before and after the first canticle in Evening Prayer during the last eight days of Advent. You can use literal translations of the original Latin, or the familiar paraphrases used in the hymn "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"


Psalm 45

Eructavit cor meum

1 My heart overflows with a noble song;*

I will sing my words to the King; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

2 You are fairer than the children of men;*

full of grace are your lips, because God has blessed you for ever.

3 Gird your sword upon your thigh, most mighty one,*

according to your honor and majesty.

4 In your majesty be victorious; ride out for the sake of truth, to bear witness to righteousness,*

and your right hand shall show you marvelous things.

5 Your arrows are very sharp in the heart of the King's enemies,*

and the peoples shall be subdued under you.

6 Your throne, O God, endures for ever;*

the scepter of your kingdom is a righteous scepter.

7 You have loved righteousness and hated iniquity;*

therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows.

8 All your garments smell of myrrh, aloes, and cassia;*

out of the ivory palaces, stringed instruments have made you glad.

9 Kings' daughters are among your honorable women;*

at your right hand stands the queen in a vesture of gold, wrought with many colors.

10 Hearken, O daughter, and consider; incline your ear;*

forget your own people, and your father's house.

11 So shall the King have pleasure in your beauty;*

since he is your Lord, honor him.

12 And the daughter of Tyre shall bring you gifts;*

the rich also among the peoples shall seek your favor.

13 The King's daughter is all glorious within the palace;*

her clothing is of wrought gold.

14 She shall be brought to the king in embroidered raiment;*

the virgins who are her companions shall bring her to you.

15 With joy and gladness shall they bring her,*

and shall enter into the King's palace.

16 Instead of your fathers, you shall have sons,*

whom you shall make princes in all the land.

17 I will make your Name to be remembered from one generation to another;*

therefore the peoples shall praise you, world without end.

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