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Psalm 89

Misericordias Domini

1 My song shall be always of the loving-kindness of the Lord;*

with my mouth will I ever be proclaiming your faithfulness, from one generation to another.

2 For I have said, "Mercy shall be built up for ever;*

your faithfulness shall be established in the heavens."

3 I have made a covenant with my chosen one;*

I have sworn to David my servant:

4 "Your seed will I establish for ever,*

and set up your throne from one generation to another."

5 O Lord, the heavens will praise your wondrous works*

and your faithfulness in the assembly of the saints.

6 For who in the clouds can be compared unto the Lord?*

And who among the gods is like unto the Lord?

7 God is greatly to be feared in the council of the saints,*

and to be held in reverence by all those who are round about him.

8 O Lord God of hosts, who is like you?*

Your faithfulness, most mighty Lord, is round about you.

9 You rule the raging of the sea;*

you still the waves when they arise.

10 You have subdued Rahab of the deep, and destroyed her;*

you have scattered your enemies with your mighty arm.

11 The heavens are yours; the earth also is yours;*

you laid the foundation of the world, and all that is in it.

12 You have made the north and the south;*

Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice in your Name.

13 You have a mighty arm;*

strong is your hand, and high is your right hand.

14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne;*

mercy and truth shall go before your face.

15 Blessed are the people, O Lord, who rejoice in you;*

they shall walk in the light of your countenance.

16 Their delight shall be in your Name all the day long,*

and in your righteousness shall they make their boast.

17 For you are the glory of their strength,*

and by your favor you shall lift up our might.

18 For the Lord is our defense;*

the Holy One of Israel is our King.

19 You spoke in a vision to your saints, and said,*

"I have set the crown upon one who is mighty; I have exalted one chosen out of the people.

20 I have found David my servant;*

with my holy oil have I anointed him.

21 My hand shall hold him fast,*

and my arm shall strengthen him.

22 The enemy shall not be able to do him violence;*

the son of wickedness shall not hurt him.

23 I will smite his foes before his face*

and strike down those who hate him.

24 My faithfulness and my mercy shall be with him,*

and in my Name shall his horn be exalted.

25 I will give him dominion over the sea,*

and with his right hand shall he rule the rivers.

26 He shall say to me, "You are my Father,*

my God, and the rock of my salvation."

27 And I will make him my firstborn,*

higher than the kings of the earth.

28 My mercy will I keep for him for ever,*

and my covenant shall stand fast with him.

29 His seed will I make to endure for ever*

and his throne as the days of heaven.

30 But if his children forsake my law,*

and do not walk in my judgments,

31 If they break my statutes and do not keep my commandments,*

I will punish their offenses with the rod, and their sin with scourges.

32 Nevertheless, my loving-kindness I will not utterly take from him,*

nor suffer my faithfulness to fail.

33 My covenant I will not break,*

nor alter the word that has gone out of my lips.

34 I have sworn once by my holiness*

that I will not fail David.

35 His seed shall endure for ever*

and his throne as the sun before me.

36 It shall endure for evermore as the moon,*

and as the faithful witness in the heavens.

37 But you have rejected and forsaken your Anointed;*

you are full of wrath against him.

38 You have broken the covenant with your servant;*

you have defiled his crown and cast it to the ground.

39 You have overthrown all his walls*

and broken down his strongholds.

40 All those who go by plunder him,*

and he has become a reproach to his neighbors.

41 You have exalted the right hand of his enemies,*

and made all his adversaries rejoice.

42 You have turned back the edge of his sword*

and have not given him victory in the battle.

43 You have taken away his glory*

and cast his throne down to the ground.

44 The days of his youth you have shortened*

and covered him with dishonor.

45 Lord, how long will you utterly hide yourself?*

How long shall your wrath burn like fire?

46 O remember how short my time is;*

why have you made all people for nought?

47 What man is there who lives and shall not see death,*

and shall deliver his soul from the power of the Grave?

48 Lord, where are your loving-kindnesses of old,*

which you swore to David in your faithfulness?

49 Remember, Lord, how your servants are reproached,*

and how I bear in my bosom the rebukes of many people;

50 Remember how your enemies have reproached you, O Lord,*

how they have called after your Anointed King with cries of scorn.

51 Praised be the Lord for evermore.*

Amen and Amen.

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